Meet Kayla,

the ultimate triple threat in the world of beauty: makeup artist, licensed esthetician, and registered nurse. But she's not your average glam guru - oh no, behind the glitter lies a down-to-earth diva with a passion for pampering and a knack for making everyone feel like a million bucks.


From a young age, Kayla was entranced by all things glamour. At night by her closet's dim light, she was perfecting her brow game and testing out the latest beauty trends. From those early days of dabbling in lipsticks and lashes, her love affair with all things beauty blossomed into something truly extraordinary.


Ahead of the curve and armed with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Kayla was offering on-site makeup services for special events long before it became the norm. But she didn't stop there – fueled by a desire to elevate her craft, she pursued licensure as an esthetician and registered nurse, adding skincare expertise and medical know-how to her ever-expanding arsenal.


Over the past 14 years she has curated a loyal fan base. She has become a trusted authority in the realm of beauty, offering personalized skincare advice, complexion mastery, and luxurious spa treatments designed to pamper. But don't let her credentials intimidate you – her down-to-earth approach, warm personality, and infectious enthusiasm make her the ultimate beauty confidante. Whether you're a blushing bride-to-be or a busy bee in need of a little self-care, Kayla is here to make your beauty dreams a reality.


Ready to experience the magic for yourself? Schedule a complimentary phone call with Kayla today, but be warned – spots fill up faster than you can say "smoky eye."